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Sawtooth Outdoor Products is the brainchild of Dan Ady, inventor of unique products for hunters including K’meer Deer, Power Bugle, Royal Bugle, and Lil’ Big Horn. Based in scenic Idaho, Sawtooth Outdoor Products is now revolutionizing Bow Hunting with new technology.

The “Outdoor Edison”

Ever since 7th grade, I had an unconscious need to come up with inventions. At age 13, I put a red dot on my 4 x scope for my pellet gun, and used it to hunt sparrows and black birds.  In 1987 I heard a deer run by us in the mountains, we hunkered down and I was able to mimic the deer’s voice with my own voice. We had four does charge us and almost run us over. I made many types of deer calls until the K’meer Deer was released in 1988. Patent # USD312056.

In 1992 I invented a sonic arrow locator named the “Cricket.” It was the first of its kind that made an audible sound. I received 2 patents on this invention as well. Patent # US5251907 A and another.

1994 I invented the Power Bugle. I developed the first dome with the notch under the band and received 2 utility patents from this invention. Patent # US5445551 and US5582530.

I had a slow era of intellectual prowess, but I didn’t stop. In 2000 I invented the Firefly bow sight. I used phosphorescent material to increase the illumination of the fiber optics for purposes of low light situations. I was also invented the first bow sight that had elongated fibers to take in more ultra violet rays; hence, brighter pins in low ambient light.

In 2005 I invented the Royal Bugle. It was the first mouthpiece with a contour and a groove system used in conjunction with the top and bottom portion of the lip. This made the bugle sound very realistic. I received 2 patents with this design. Patent #s US7011564 and US7011563.

In 2011, I began the endeavor of coming up with a way to keep the peep in a bowstring straight in order to keep it perpendicular to the line of sight. I developed a mechanism that fits on the bowstring or cable that twists the string and aligns the peep without having to take off the bowstring and physically twist the string a rotation or more to make the peep align with the eye. Hoyt Archery took over this ingenious product and is in their care in SLC, UT. Patent # 10,359.252.

After that project, I decided to solve the issue of torquing the bow handle while shooting a bow. So I developed a bow that can register when an archer is torquing the bow handle. An alert system is put in place which makes the archer aware when torque is being applied to the bow handle. Patent # US9140514

In 2015 I came up with another concept of eliminating the need for serving to hold an apparatus such as a peep, weight, or drop away rest cord onto the string or cable. It is called the “Peep It” and “Anchor Knot”. Patent # 10,161,708.

In 2016 I designed a dynamic weight system located between the strands of a bowstring. The patent I recently received on this invention is # 10,317,164.
I have been developing some new products that will have to be held close to the chest until I am patent pending, but I think it’ll be worth the wait. Good hunting, and may you and your arrow find the perfect destination.

Dan Ady