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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I install the serveless Peep-It?

A: We recommend taking it to your Pro Shop for install. Always use a bow press.  Please see the detailed instructions here

WARNING: Not for use with Flemish, or recurve type strings.


Q: Can I dry fire my bow?



Q: What is a serveless Peep?

A: With the serve-less peep, there is absolutely no serving involved. That’s why we call it the “no serve peep”.


Q: How long does it take to serve a peep? Several minutes. The advantage over the old peeps are countless! How long does it take for a Pro Shop tech to cut off a peep that’s been knotted many times during the installation? What risks are there when cutting or burning the old serving off? How much does it cost to replace the bowstring or cable if it is accidentally cut? The serveless Peep It can be installed with a little practice under 10 seconds, and can be removed just as quickly.


Q: What if there is wax on the bow string?

A: Please see the detailed installation instructions here


Q: How big is a Serveless Peep It?

A: These Peep Its are our production size. These are the threaded versions.


Q: What does the Peep It weigh?

A: It weighs about 10 grains or .025 oz.


Q: Why use a Serveless Peep It with a tube?

A: The Peep It with the tube connector, connects one end of the tube; and the other end wraps around the buss cable. So when you draw the bow, the elastic tube will stretch and align the aperture to a perfect perpendicular stance so you can see through the aperture.


Q: What aperture sizes are available?

A: We have 6 sizes currently for the Peep It and the Peep It with the Tube attachment. Click for more details


Q. How many shots can you use the Peep It for?

A. Some archers testing our Peeps have already made over 1000 shots with no movement.


Q: At what angle do you install the peep?

A: The answer is, it depends on you and your bow. But for example, here is a bow with a 20.5″ Axle to Axle; 29″ draw; 7″ brace height. To get the perfect round aperture at full draw, check some important measurements. 45 degree angle peep is a good fit for most hunting bows. Check with your Pro Shop if you have any questions.Q. How do you make sure your Peep is at a 45 degree angle?

A. See the chart below for more details on picking the angle of the peep-it:


Q: What is the Anchor Knot?

A: The Anchor Knot works the same way as the Peep It except it has 4 stems instead of 2. The poundage it takes to move the Anchor Knot on the cable is approximately 20 lbs. A standard drop away rest takes less than a pound to move. And even more, the platform has 3 holes that the drop away rest cord fits into, to adjust the proper position of where the anchor needs to be for best performance. So if you’re tired of serving your peep and your drop away rest, then this is the product for you.


Q: How big is the Anchor Knot?

A: The black anchor knot below is our production size. The red anchor knot is one of the test versions.

Q. What does an anchor knot weigh?

A: It weighs about 16 grains, or .036 oz.