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Michael Drozdo Review via Facebook

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A little product testing of the new “Peep It” by Sawtooth Outdoor Products. The peep went in easy, clean look, sturdy feel. After my first 100 shots, no changes in placement, it will not budge. About a one minute install. Dan Ady the inventor of the “Peep It”, really has a phenomenal product here that every archer will want! This will be a game changer in the archery world!

Next is the, “Anchor Knot”. The anchor went in without a hitch, yeah a fun pun! To tie the knot, it was as simple as over under and through the middle, frey the end, mushroom, burn and #BAM it was in. Once again after 100 shots, no changes in placement! No more footballs or tying in that drop-away rest, another game changer for the archery world! Look for these soon! #SawtoothOutdoorProducts, #PeepIt, #AnchorKnot, #Broadheadbarn