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Clarifier Kit


This kit ships with five (5) clarifiers.

  • Gold – .5
  • Yellow – 1.0
  • Blue – 1.5
  • Green – 2.0
  • Red – 3.0

These clarifiers are designed only for the Peep It Pro, and require a setscrew to hold them in place.


These clarifiers may only be used in a Peep It Pro. One peg is colored to show the power and which side to install facing the eye.

Our Patent Pending Clarifier Lenses feature PLS (Protective Lens Shelves) PST (Power Side Technology) and BAC (Broadband anti-reflective Coatings)

PLS All lenses are built with a protective shelves to prevent the lens from breaking during installation.

PST All lenses are built with a Power Side for enhanced clarity.

BAC All lenses are built with a Broadband anti-reflective (BBAR) coatings which consist of multiple layers, alternating between a high index material and a low index material. This prevents the common rainbow found in lenses.